Can women use Propecia for treating their hair loss?

propecia for womenYes, women can get Propecia for treating hair loss but this has to be done only with the help of the healthcare provider. Baldness is a common phenomenon in females and millions of them in the world faces over this problem. It is typically prescribed for alopecia in men but there are restrictions against the use of the drug in ladies. The main reason is that efficacy and safety for using this med in females have not been fully established. A few studies were conducted by different organizations but without any substantial results. Keep reading to understand the use of the medication for pattern baldness in women and whether it is effective or not.

Does Propecia work for hair loss in women?

In order to truly understand if it works as an effective aid for ladies it is important to first learn about the mechanism of this medication. The medicine works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone in dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for the alopecia in the first place. Women produce testosterone too, but in lesser amounts when compared to men. This directly affects the effectiveness of Propecia in females, which may not be as much as it is for men.

A number of research studies were conducted across different patient groups to see if the pill can be used as a suitable hair loss treatment in ladies. The results have been varied too. The different study groups consisted of post-menopausal women, those who have low androgen levels, pre-menopause women, those with elevated androgen levels, and such. The results varied to such an extent that some ladies did not see any difference even after a whole year on the drug, while showed minor results, and very few demonstrated significant hair regrowth. One particular research showed that hair thinning reduced when this pill was administered concomitantly with contraceptive pills. As yet, there are no studies to show definitive benefits for Propecia use in females.

What are the risks associated with women taking Propecia?

It is generally touted as a drug that should not be consumed or handle by females. This is because it is believed that the active ingredient, Finasteride, can potentially cause birth defects in a male fetus. Pregnant ladies and those of child-bearing age are recommended to avoid taking Propecia.

Even if the medication does indeed work in women, the 1mg dose would be insufficient and the person may have to take at least 5mg in order to see benefits. This higher dose can significantly increase the risk of side effects. Drug tolerability would not be known easily and the dosage may have to be altered through trial and error. Since it is not known how exactly women respond to Finasteride, it is not assured that every woman who takes the drug would be able to get the expected results.

Can I take Propecia for hair loss as a woman?

It can be taken for hair loss in women if it is approved by the healthcare provider. Do not start or stop the drug course without the doctor’s guidance. If you are of child-bearing age, then you will have to use contraceptives to prevent the drug from affecting the fetus in case you become pregnant. If advised to take Propecia, note that it may take at least six months to a year to see any visible results. Take note of any side effects and get them addressed with the doctor right away without any delays. If it does not work for you, you can always use other effective treatments and restore healthy hair.