Does finasteride cure hereditary baldness?

finasteride and hereditary baldenessNo, Finasteride does not cure hereditary baldness. This is a wonderful medication that can help a man to stop the conversion of male sex hormones like testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. So, there will be no further hair fall and even new hair would be grown from the thin follicles. This is the same process for every man be it is caused due to hereditary or not. However, this drug does not produce any cure for the condition. It will have effects until a person continues to take Finasteride.

How can a man be benefited while taking this hair growth medication Finasteride?

Male pattern baldness is what occurs in a man where the hair starts to recede in the temple and crown area. The hair follicles become very thin and after a while it gets closed. So, once a man finds that he is getting bald then it is a must that he has to start taking measures to slow the balding process.

This can be done by taking Finasteride medication. It is the best to commence the therapy as soon as possible. This is because; it is easy for the drug to grow the hair from thin follicles than from the place that has become completely bald. In fact, it is nearly impossible for a person to regrow hair from bald area.

Within three months of time after this drug is taken, you can see that the hair starts to grow from your scalp. This is the time frame that is needed to analyze whether the drug is suitable for the person or not.

When the drug is taken for one complete year then you can see the hair would be completely grown in the scalp. Without this medication, a person would have got completely bald by this time.

Will the hair growth sustain even after you stop taking Finasteride medication?

Male pattern baldness occurs due to the conversion of male sex hormones so this process is halted while taking Finasteride only. Once you stop taking the pills, there will be no factor to stop this process hence again the testosterone will be converted. So, the hair that you have grown with the help of the medication would start to fall within two to three months after the drug is stopped.

This is why we say that it is not a cure and it can only help you to slow the balding process. Taking Finasteride would only be the easiest method but also the effective one. It is very affordable compared to other treatment methods available in the market. So, it is definitely worth trying this method for sure. However, this should be done only with the help of a healthcare professional.