Finasteride 1mg vs Finasteride 5mg

finasteride 1mg vs finasteride 5mgFinasteride comes in both 1mg and 5mg doses. The drug is currently one of the preferred ones when it comes to treating male pattern baldness. The dosage taken is decided by the healthcare provider after a thorough medical check to see the severity of the problem and also the cause. There is a perception that taking the higher dosage means getting the results faster. The response to any medical treatment varies from one person to another and the same holds true for Finasteride as well. Learning the difference between taking the Finasteride 1mg and 5mg to see what effects they actually produce would help in making the right choices when using the drug for treating hair loss.

Which Finasteride dosage is ideal for hair loss?

To understand the dosing for this medicine, it would help to first know what the way the drug works is. This baldness medication is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). By suppressing the conversion and reducing the DHT levels, which is the reason for the hair loss, there is a significant reduction in hair fall in turn. This also increases the chances for new hair follicles to take root and grow.

Medical researchers have ascertained that the Finasteride 1mg dosage is ideal for treating hair loss. Higher or lower doses only alter the time it takes for the drug to achieve sufficient DHT suppression in the system. Otherwise, the efficacy of the medication and the side effects reported remain the same. Rather than see which dosage you would prefer to take between the 1mg and 5mg, go with the doctor prescribed one.

When is Finasteride 5mg used?

The 5mg is typically prescribed when the person is diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is an enlarged prostate. Sometimes the person taking the 1mg dose may not find any visible results regarding the hair loss problem even after months of the treatment. The doctor may increase the dosage in such cases to see if there is the possibility for it to be effective for the hair fall condition.

The Finasteride 5mg dosage is also taken by those who wish to save money on the prescription and would rather split the pill before taking it. This is because the 1mg and 5mg doses are almost within the same price range. The higher dosage can be split in different ways depending on how much strength the doctor has advised taking.

Is it safe to split the Finasteride pills before use?

Both the doses may be split before use to reduce the dosage strength. However, doing so would destroy the outer coating of the pill. This is not really a problem as long as the broken pills are not handled by pregnant women or any woman expecting to become pregnant. If the person comes into contact with the drug, which can be absorbed through the skin, the affected area should be washed right away. Otherwise, there would not be an issue of safety as long as you use the Finasteride only as directed.