get propecia online without prescription legallyPropecia is listed as a prescription medication in the US and it is considered against the law to get the hair loss pills without a valid prescription. For sure you will come across online drugstores offering Propecia without prescription and you may be wondering about the legality of this. The Finasteride pills do not require a script in some countries and online drugstores operating out of them do not really ask for the Rx.

Buying Propecia with the prescription is a recommended practice for two very important reasons. Firstly, the drug produces certain effects and side effects that you should be aware of before using the medication. Hair loss products like these drugs do not work the same way for everyone. The healthcare provider can help in ensuring that the drug is suitable for you and also provide instructions to effectively use the medication. The second reason is that legitimate drugstores online ask for the prescription before filling the order. No Rx internet pharmacies are not always trustworthy and could send you the fake pills or even misuse your credit card information. However, reliable Propecia online pharmacy understand the needs of every customer and provide options to overcome any hurdles easily.

How to buy Propecia online if I do not have a prescription?

Hair loss is a common problem and Propecia being a drug that works effectively, you may wonder why the legit prescription is required. Balding issues are a sensitive aspect and not many would be comfortable seeking treatment without feeling low self-esteem or embarrassment. Also, hair loss clinics tend to be quite expensive. All these considerations apart, it is possible to legally buy Propecia online by obtaining the online prescription.

Online doctor consultation is a service through which you can get prescribed to take Propecia online and then use the online Rx to buy Propecia online. Top internet pharmacies retain US-licensed doctors and there is normally no fee charged for this service as well. The online doctor will review your request for the Propecia prescription online by taking into account all your medical information submitted and then provide the online Rx with the right dosage instructions.

What steps to take to get the Propecia prescription online?

  • Find a legitimate online pharmacy that offers online doctor consultation. Do some comparison research before fixing on a place that is right for your needs.
  • Fix an appointment or create an account, as required, and provide the complete information like name, contact details, medical history, other health problems, drugs currently being taken, and all the hair related issues.
  • The online doctor will review all this data provided and also prescribe Finasteride for you. Use the live video or live chat options to interact with the online doctor and get any queries clarified.
  • Use the Propecia online prescription in the same place to order the pills in the preferred quantity and price.
  • Take the pills as instructed after receiving them. You can use the same account to quickly reorder the medication anytime you are about to run out of stock.

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