Finasteride 1mg – the ideal dosage for hair loss

finasteride 1mgIn a research, it was found that Finasteride 1mg is considered as the ideal dosage strength for hair loss. Taking it at a lesser dose or at a higher dose did not found to be beneficial. It is found that when the dosage strength of 1mg is taken, a person was able to increase the hair count in great numbers within a period of 12 months.

Do you get any side effects while taking Finasteride 1mg?

Yes, people might experience side effects while consuming Finasteride 1mg but it is very less compared to other doses of this medication. Eg: Finasteride 1mg side effects a person would experience less sexual issues with a 1mg dose.

This was found in a research that was conducted on volunteers. However, there were also few people who experienced certain issues in the sexual health. This made it difficult to guarantee the safeness while taking Propecia pills.

Can taking the higher dose of Finasteride help you to regrow hair faster?

No, it is not possible to increase the effectiveness on the condition just by taking the medication at a higher dose. In fact, there are chances that a person would get affected by negative effects only.

Finasteride 5mg is available in the market which is taken by BPH patients. But, some people without consulting with a doctor take this dose and degrade their health condition. Finasteride 1mg is the one and only the best dose for men who are suffering from male pattern baldness.

Will you be able to regrow hair with this Finasteride for sure?

It totally depends on the person. However, the success rate of this Finasteride is very much high. It is a must for an individual to take Finasteride 1mg for a period of three months. This complete period is required for a healthcare professional to analyze whether this drug would help you to regrow the hair from bald place or not.

In case, if a man is not able to grow his hair then a doctor would tell him to discontinue the medicine.

When can you stop taking the Finasteride 1mg pills?

It is a must that you continue the medication even after you have completely grown the hair. The effectiveness of the medication would stay in a person as long as he takes the pills. Even after being on Propecia for a period of one year, when you stop the medication the hair that you have grown during this phase would start to fall down.

Is it required not to skip the Finasteride?

Yes, it is a must that you should not skip the medication. In fact, you have to take a pill exactly at the same time each and every day. Only when the trace of the drug is stable in the body, it is possible to get proper effectiveness on the condition.

If you are a person suffering from male pattern baldness then try taking the 1mg dose.